You may realize that there are some rich people in the world. You may be vaguely aware that there are some really rich people in your general vicinity. You may even be one of those rich people. In fact, by the end of this list, you will know exactly which category you fall into. If you read this list, and you keep asking yourself what sort of person wouldn’t have a heated driveway, then you almost certainly fall into the rich category. If, on the other hand, you read this list, and you don’t recognize a single thing, or the items on this list just seem downright ludicrous, then you probably fall into the not-so-rich category. Don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of wealthy people who don’t do the whole heated driveway thing. We realize that being rich doesn’t mean you have to flaunt it. And if that’s you…mad props. But generally speaking, if you’re rich, you do as the rich do.

Now, speaking to those of you in the not-so-rich camp, get ready to have your minds slightly contorted as you witness what the rich people do with their extra cash. These are 25 Surprising Things Rich People Buy That Will Probably Surprise You!

10 – Multiple copies of the same thing


Phones, TV’s, cars…who needs insurance when you can just buy three of the same thing?


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