The world is a pretty mysterious place, and sometimes it's hard to explain the unbelievable coincidences we encounter. Sometimes, you can logically understand how two people with the same first and last name could end up in the same classroom, perhaps even becoming friends. But there are some occurrences where we simply are left scratching our heads in disbelief, wondering just how the heck these coincidences happened. And if you'd see any of these 20 situations in a movie, you'd probably just dismiss the plot as being super silly. Strangely enough, these very-much-real coincidences did happen in real life and there's just no way to explain them.

#1. Take a closer look, can you see the writing on every newspaper? Are aliens trying to send us a message?

Well, for some strange reason, this is how someone stacked up the newspapers at an office, which ended up showing the "this is not a coincidence" message on every newspaper. It does kind of seem like your subconscious is trying to send you a message.

#2. The planets aligned for one runner who ended up with the same number pretty much everywhere he looked.

You may try to give this some sort of significance, but as far as we know, it was nothing but a mind-blowing coincidence. The runner's hometown zip code is 33607, and the race number they assigned him was also the same. But guess what? The t-shirt he wore that day featured the same number…but it gets creepier. Check out his finishing time. Is the universe trying to tell him something?

#3. What are the odds that someone will find a broken half of a bank card that looks like the one they own?

The Aussie was traveling through Greece when he found the discarded Australian bank card outside of his hotel. The name, expiration date and first 6 numbers from the card were identical to his, so he had to go back to his room, take out his card, and make sure that he wasn’t missing his debit card.

#4. It may seem like you're staring at a strange street art intervention on a leaf, but it wasn't one of Banksy's works of art.

A pigeon pooped on a leaf and ended up "magically" painting a picture of himself. Perhaps that pigeon's full of crap and pretty darn proud of it?

#5. They say lightning doesn't strike twice, but we all know that's a lie.

After a storm, you can expect your car to be totaled and massively destroyed, but in some rare stances, you might find that Mother Nature is on your side. Wow!

#6. Someone's dog gave birth to 3 little puppies, and they were branded in the most interesting way.

The 3 dogs were born last year, and the fur markings they were born with make it really easy to distinguish them from their little brothers or sisters. Check out those adorable sequenced spots on their backs!

#7. You're minding your own business, staring at an informative flyer about butterflies, when suddenly…

A very distinctive butterfly makes its way and stops and places itself on top of THE-VERY-SAME-BUTTERFLY-SPECIES-ON-THE-PHOTO. Seriously, all we can say is, HOW? Out of all of the places it could've landed on, it chose that particular picture! Uncanny!

#8. Picture this, the roof of your car somehow gets damaged. Water and condensation make their way through the inside of your car…or do they?

Hail damaged the roof of this guy's car, but somehow, it managed to hold perfectly intact. So what's next? A major hail crushing party! This guy's going to have to find a way to destroy it without ruining the seat covers, though.

#9. This bus might be lovin’ it with this McDonald’s ad on the back, but you might crave some fried chicken instead.

Maybe it’s a coincidence, or KFC decided to use subliminal tactics to get drivers to reject McDonald’s and try some fried chicken instead. Just look at the tag in the back of the bus. The last three letters say KFC. Do you think it worked?

#10. A dragonfly flew all the way to this guy's leg and posed on top on his dragonfly tattoo.

Total coincidence or was the dragon fly actually looking to mate? Perhaps it actually saw the tattoo and was tricked into thinking it was an actual living and willing mate?

#11. It sort of looks like a bad wallpaper from a questionable free website, but this beautiful landscape perfectly aligned itself with the truck.

The lovely mountains and trees were perfectly aligned with a camper that was spotted on the highway. If you tried to pull this shot on purpose, you'd probably fail hard. But here it is, au naturel and 100% random. Uncanny!

#12. If no one puts this photo into context, you'd be tricked into thinking those are the bride's bridesmaids, but they're not. Oh no.

The mother of all coincidences happened at this glowing bride's wedding when she realized that several of her friends wore the very same dress at the same event, without even planning on doing so. Hey! Now they all have something in common, besides the bride! They all have the same taste in dresses!

#13. If this office used tempered glass for their front doors, then half of it is mad now that it’s broken.

The left door described the right door’s condition perfectly. It’s totally “Rekt”! You can’t help but wonder if something was thrown at the door, or if someone was carelessly texting and ran right into the glass.

#14. The owner of this car must have known that he or she was going to have some bad luck with that bumper.

Sounds like whoever rear-ended this yellow car probably shouted, “Whoop C Day Z." Then they probably burned rubber as they raced out of the parking lot before anyone could call the cops. Maybe the tag is bringing the car owner some bad luck.

#15. It’s interesting that this trusting little bird decided to land right on the page that talks all about his species.

Maybe he wanted to double check and make sure that humans had gotten everything about the gray-headed chickadee correct on this bird book. You know how humans are when it comes to writing about something other than themselves. They’re such bird brains!

#16. They say that if you play with fire, then you’re going to attract an all-consuming fire breathing dragon.

Actually, nobody says that, but they would if they had the experience of this fire breather. What ended up coming out of his mouth turned into the shape of a fire dragon who was in the mood to give him one hot kiss.

#17. 20 years ago, an Austrian man lost his wallet in Lake Attersee, where it would likely never be found.

20 years later, the wallet resurfaced when the same fisherman threw a fishnet into the lake. When he pulled the net back up, it latched onto his lost wallet. At least now he has some extra money to put into his retirement fund.

#18. One man spent a whole year trying and hoping to get a National Geographic worthy photo of lightning.

One night, he managed to get a shocking snap of a lightning strike. Now, you could say that he timed it perfectly. But what’s odd about this photo is that the boat on the bottom left is named “Perfect Timing." Maybe it’s just a weird coincidence.

#19. This corgi was enjoying a lovely stroll by the shore of the beach when something interesting happened.

The pooch itself probably found the shore to be underwhelming, but the owner wasn’t after he saw that his dog was underlined. Notice how the white stripe on the back of the pooch’s neck lines up perfectly with the foam of the shoreline?

#20. This guy bought a Ken doll for his niece’s birthday, and she wasn’t the only one who was surprised.

The uncle and the niece were stunned to learn that he and Ken shop at the same clothing store. Both have the same tropical summer gear. But the dude’s boater shoes and socks need to go, because that look was only great back in the 1990s.


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