Architecture and beauty go together like hands and gloves; at least you’d like to think so. Why would anyone waste their time building a house that’s super ugly? But Belgian builders don’t seem to think that way and that’s probably a good thing for Hannes Coudenys. A few years ago, the blogger started noticing that some of the houses in the area were total eyesores. So, in 2012, he started documenting these hideous monstrosities people called home on his Instagram account. So, we collected some of the best of the worst and trust us, they’re really bad!

Whoever designed the homes on the left and right must have had a serious craving for Swiss cheese.

The entire neighborhood must dislike this house for the simple fact that it makes them hungry for a cheese platter. We’ll bet it has all the mice and rats in the village confused too. It looks like cheese but it doesn’t smell or taste like cheese. What a letdown!

Rustic can be refreshing when done right, but this home’s exterior should have stayed in the Stone Age.

It doesn’t highlight the natural rugged beauty homeowners come to expect from a rustic style. It looks more like someone tried combining earthy elements with a clean-lined modern style, but they didn’t do a great job at it.

If this home looks out of this world, it’s probably because it’s owned by Belgium’s biggest Avatar fan.

The film was undoubtedly awesome, but using it as inspiration to modify this home was downright a neighborhood fail. We sure hope the owner’s happy here because he’s going to have a tough time selling that house.

The neighborhood busybody must be ticked off because she can’t spy on the people living in this home.

There aren’t any windows in the front. How are they supposed to air out the house? The interior must be full of mold. On the bright side, the outer wall can be used to play a round of tennis without needing a partner.

Here’s a prime example of why you should never design a home in an empty farmland.

It looks like an airport runway. We can only imagine how many airplanes must have mistaken this for a landing strip. But when you look at it carefully, there’s a reason for the architect’s madness. There’s plenty of living space with wide open spaces on each side for farming.

There are some instances when traditional and modern mesh well, but this isn’t one of those instances.

They could have continued building more floors using the same traditional design as the floors on the bottom. But instead, they just chose to go all modern for the remaining 9 floors, which is just so lazy.

These people deserve points for trying to live like Egyptian pharaohs inside their own pyramids.

They didn’t just build one but two adjoining pyramids. And while they might see themselves as a modern-day Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, all anyone sees are two pyramids that are wrecking the property value of the whole neighborhood.

There’s nothing wrong with a little patriotism, but it’s not cool when your home looks like the Belgian flag threw up on it.

These homes are looking awfully colorful; keyword: awful! They are, of course, the colors of the Belgian flag, which is indeed beautiful. But in this instance, an actual flag on the front would have been preferable to painting the exterior of these homes.

This next home is either shaped like the letter “L” or it’s designed to look like a shoe.

This is one home that really sticks out like a sore thumb in the neighborhood. It’s hideous. What’s even more confusing is, where’s the front door? Do people have to walk into that abyss they call a carport in order to knock on their door?

Someone call the Charmed Ones to have them reverse the spell on this cat who got turned into a home.

Maybe the architect thought it would be cute to design the windows to look like sad eyes. But what about that odd indention on the wall that gives the side of this house a feline nose and mouth? That’s so creepy.

Triangles are supposed to be powerful and dramatic, which doesn’t describe this modern home design.

A tent-like home might have seemed like a good idea at the time, but it’s definitely not a good idea now. Can you imagine everyone living in this house accidentally smacking their heads into the walls because of the sloped walls? Thank you, next!

If you dislike math as much as the rest of the world, then you won’t like this fraction of a house.

The architect must have started building this home and then ran out of money before he could finish it. Then again, maybe he did finish the whole house and used invisible paint to cloak the other half.

Most kids imagine living in a mansion that looks a lot like a castle by the time they’re all grown up.

Well, their wish was granted. Unfortunately, it looks so unappealing. It’s certainly not the Magic Kingdom in this neighborhood. But the real eyesore that stands out is the red paint on all the castle doors.

Not having enough windows is bad, but having too many can throw off your home’s Feng Shui.

These homeowners undoubtedly have plenty of wonderful views of the neighborhood. On the downside, the neighborhood can look in on them too. It’s as if the architect decided to add windows of all shapes and sizes just for kicks.

The architect that designed these homes must have forgotten to add a rooftop to one of the buildings.

Oh well! Roofs are overrated anyway, right? Maybe they’ll add a roof at some point when they have more money or they could be going for that incomplete look so they can win the worst architect design award.

Whoever designed this home must have had a deeply seeded desire to become an astronaut someday.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Lift off! That section of the house is so elevated that it’s about to launch itself into space. Only then would this design be cool. But as it is now, it’s just the weirdest house in the neighborhood.

If you happen to be a giant looking for a snack try for your next party then this house would be perfect.

The roof looks like a section of a highway under construction. What was the architect thinking when he designed this? They even added two lean windows near the ground. Was this supposed to be a fallout shelter?

The Belgian architect behind this went for a drop a massive crate on a house approach for this design.

It really does look like someone was using a crane to move a crate when the cord snapped and dropped it on this home. Alright, so it’s not the worst thing we’ve seen on this list so far but it does give neighbors something to gawk at.

This house already felt like the oddball for being the only white house in the Belgium village.

It figured since it’s already different from the other homes, it might as well go all the way. So, it decided to curb so anyone walking or driving past it would stop and notice it. Well, guess what, Mr. House? We noticed, and we don’t like you… at all!

Natural light will likely never get into this house thanks to the architect who came up with this design.

It would honestly make the perfect house if the Purge films ever became reality. Those shutters protecting the windows would keep anyone out until the Purge ended. But that mailbox though, what’s up with that?

The house on the left is idyllic for any homeowner who is looking to vanish without a trace.

It’s hidden between two buildings and unlikely to be found by anyone, not even with a GPS. We’re guessing they use the window to crawl in and out. Speaking of windows, how do you feel about the eyesore on the right? There are so many oddly placed windows, our eyes don't know where to focus, really. Plus, they have zero privacy. It's a hard pass.

Well, it’s a lovely home if you’re a stargazer, but it will feel more like a prison during the day.

Actually, scratch that. Prison cells have a window with a lovely view of the courtyard. This house lacks windows on the sides. To add insult to injury, the home is painted gray. On the plus side, thieves are going to have a rough time breaking into the house.

My! My! We had no idea that the whole checkers board meets Foot Locker motif was in this year.

There must have been at least one person in the neighborhood who tried walking into this house looking to buy a pair of sneakers. But someone who is afraid of holes would probably find this design horrifying.

These homes are totally twinning in the color, material, and of course, insane level of ugliness.

They look like two witches about to duel for control of all the enchanted realms. Could the designer come up with something to put in between these homes like maybe a third home? This just looks like someone broke a home in half, twisted the pieces and made them face each other.

We get that this was supposed to give everyone the impression there was a castle in the neighborhood.

But the arched roof looks like it’s better suited for a cathedral. So, we wouldn’t be shocked if people in the neighborhood stopped by confusing this home for a place of worship. Oh, and that crown over the front door is so tacky.


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