Next time you're on a flight, be very careful about how much you drink, where you put your feet, and how you plan on "making yourself comfortable" on the plane. You might want to rethink taking your shoes off mid-flight, too. Chances are, someone's watching, and that someone isn't afraid to record the entire thing on their phone to shame the heck out of you on social media. You might end up getting passenger-shamed for the pettiest of reasons, sure. But some of these nasty passengers got called on their awful antics mid-flight and you know what? They deserve every bit!

#1. Just because you got the exit aisle does not mean you have the extra space to make yourself at home.

But hey, you can't really blame him for trying…the floor looks pretty comfy! And in case of an emergency, you can use his body as a shield!

#2. This Frontier Airlines passenger couldn't hold it anymore and peed right then and there.

Eventually, having zero manners got him arrested, but we kind of feel him. Who wants to stand in line outside a crammed little aisle until you can finally use the bathroom? Built-in seat toilets might save everyone a lot of trouble!

#3. Everybody hates "that guy," you know? The guy that simply HAS to take their shoes off, even if it's a 30-minute flight.

And while "Mr. Smelly toes" couldn't help himself, we do have to wonder if he's practicing some yoga poses or if he just stopped caring a long time ago?

#4. Someone brought a monkey on a plane, and he kept hitting the buttons.

"Can I get a bag of peanut butter cups in 12D, please? No more monkeying around, I swear!" Seriously, who could say no to him?

#5. No one can help taking off their shoes mid-flight, which angers almost everyone…almost.

Well, unless you're a foot fetishist. In that case, it must feel like being hungry at a McDonald's with all this free food!

#6. Someone reaches down into their seat pocket and found….a smile!

We do have to ask though, shouldn't fake dentures look better than your real crappy, crooked teeth?

#7. Okay, y'all. Guess we found patient zero in the overhead bin!

When the apocalypses begins, and we all start getting sick mid-flight, we'll at least know what caused it. Seriously though, how did THAT make it through security, but not your 200 ml bottle of foundation?

#8. Sure, you can buy first class tickets, but you can't buy class, honey!

Flight attendants have seen some horrible things, but we have a feeling this isn't one of them. Is this the reason why they take so long to bring out the food cart? Wouldn't blame them!

#9. This guy couldn't wait simply walk to his seat, and decided to lie down in the hall.

But this offense isn't as bad as clapping after the plane lands, so he gets a pass!

#10. Either someone got too comfy and decided to put their un-manicured nasty foot by this man's side.

Or this passenger's got an embarrassing arm growing out his back. Either way, keep those claws trimmed, and cover your toes! Seriously, it should be mandatory at this point.

#11. The biggest nope of all nopes, dirty diapers sliding from under someone's seat!

It's time to do a little screaming and start pointing fingers. If most people get totally riled up over someone taking their shoes off, wait until they see what you found under your seat.

#12. This guy was keeping passengers hostage, but he didn't use a gun to subdue everyone.

Oh no, he used something worse: a guitar! Flight attendants should have the right to sedate people like him during the trip.

#13. Someone ended up with a ponytail on his drink, but there's an easy way to fix this.

Just simply put the tray table up and lock it. That'll teach her instant manners, for sure!

#14. These parents let their kids destroy multi-million dollar aircrafts with their drawings.

And judging by their poor parenting skills, it's safe to assume that they also clap once the plane lands, and complain about their peanuts not being warm enough.

#15. For some reason, this person needed 5 puppies to fly.

While this person did not make it on the plane for obvious reasons, we do have to ask if they needed a ton of emotional support, or if they just started adopting dogs and it got out of hand?

#16. That awkward moment when you're listening to Beyonce's, "I'm feeling myself," and you start reenacting.

Maybe she had an itch and just couldn't help herself. Eeek!

#17. Someone made a hammock for their feet at the emergency exit.

But seriously, we're not mad. We're actually impressed. We might have to start writing these down as potential mid-flight hacks, even if they'll piss off a few flight attendants!

#18. Some took off their underwear mid-flight and we need answers.

Perhaps this person joined the "mile high club," or maybe they just wanted to feel right at home. Either way, it reminds us to always wipe down your trays, arm rests, and to never reach inside the seat pocket.


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