When we’re feeling down, we can always count on animals. They offer comfort and laughter. They’re so cute too, especially when they use their faces to express how they feel. But you don’t need to be a dog owner to take advantage of this. There’s one dog named Bacon, who’s cracking everyone up. The rescue dog is a mix of Pekingese, Dachshund, and Chihuahua, with a touch of adorableness. And you can have him tickle your funny bone. His Instagram, @thebaconator, has over 19,000 followers. His whiskers are so cute, and his expressions are beyond relatable. So, take a look, and prepare yourself for a full belly laugh.

When your roommate thinks that they’re the next “American Idol,” but you know they’re not.

The look you get when she starts talking about how mad she is that you don’t put the toilet seat down.

You thought it was Friday, but it turns out you were only dreaming, and it’s actually Monday morning.

When your friends start complaining about the same problem over and over, and you’re just over it.

That’s the look you give the popular person in the office, or at school after they’ve said hello to you.

This is you after you spent hours working on a special project, and your boss tells you, you did it wrong.

The moment you realize you were supposed to meet your date for lunch, and you’re three hours late.

When your friend is telling you a story, and you suddenly realize they’re lying through their teeth.

Please! I’m begging you! Whatever you do, don’t leave me alone with all of these crazy people!

The look you get when you realize it’s your birthday, and that your friends and family remembered.

You’re not crazy. You just slammed the drawer a little too fast, and your fingers paid the ultimate price.

It suddenly dawned on you that it’s Thanksgiving and you forgot to pick your in-laws up at the airport.

When you try to get the million-dollar shot for your selfie, but wind up looking like you’re epileptic.

Did you just say that I have to go get my blood drawn when you know how much I hate doctors?

You only had two hours of sleep, and you wish you had a hammer so you could silence your alarm.

The Baconater


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